Solomon Islands National Provident Fund

Being able to succeed where 7 other development firms from around the world had failed was a great feeling. Not only was the client ecstatic that we were able to meet and actually exceed their expectations, but it was a great reward for our team knowing that we’d achieved a significant project so thoroughly.

Case Study

The Solomon Islands National Provident Fund is the only superannuation fund in the Solomon Islands, and they had been working on developing a system for some time. 7 other groups of developers had been involved in creating their software system, but it had never been completed to their satisfaction.

Once their system had been developed, they also wanted to speed up some processes, for example interest calculations for everyone in the country. The process was taking 3 days each week to run, and they wanted to decrease the time it was taking each week.

Addressing Challenges

This was a lengthy project completed in the Solomon Islands, and the fact that seven other developers had failed to satisfy the client’s needs is an indication of how difficult it was.

However, by starting with a specific set of requirements and working through them logically, we were able to get the job done.


The project was carried out over five-stages:

1. Consulted extensively with the client to set out a list of goals, and clear expectations of what they needed to consider their system complete and ready.

2. Analysing the current system in place, the work that had been done so far, and what we needed to achieve in order to provide a functional system.

3. Over a six-month period we managed to tick off all of the specific items they requested, and the system was signed off by the head of the Solomon Islands National Provident Fund, as well as the head accountant.

4. For their lengthy interest calculation process, we re-wrote the code, used indexes and performance tune the system to reduce the speed down to 30 minutes.


Providing the Solomon Islands National Provident Fund with a fuller operational system that met all of their needs was a terrific outcome for both our client, and in fact all of the people in the Solomon Islands who they serve. The system is functional, does everything they need it to do, and they were overjoyed at our work on speeding up processes, especially taking interest calculations from 3 whole days down to 30 minutes.