Mobile Application Development

Don’t Get Left Behind – Get With The Smartphone Age And Reach Your Customers Via Phone (Before Someone Else Does!)

As a business today you want to be fast to implement.

Mobile apps have become the survival unit for every expanding company today. Why? Well simply because it is the most affordable way to reach your target customers.

The short attention span of your market wants everything at the tap of a screen. And they don’t want it now — they want it ten minutes ago. So why go against the stream instead of swimming with the current?

Go ahead and become their go-to resource for solving their needs. Turn your company into an unreplaceable self-service they can access anywhere, anytime.

But you have to be fast to cement your position in the mobile landscape of today. The spots are limited – and filled out fast by other brands.

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Why Invest Into Mobile?

Statistics say smartphone users spend 89%

of their screen time on apps. And this is good news to you. Why? Because by developing your own app you can claim a hearty chunk out of that screen-time. You can make it a habit to interact with you. Ingrain yourself into their daily existence.

Of course, this means free word-of-mouth marketing that effortlessly brings new business to your door and more leeway to experiment with your service

Statistics also say you can expect around 140% lift in sales.

This is because you will make purchasing from you convenient with the option to do it by phone. Eliminate any delay, which is the #1 murderer of sales, and watch your sales figures soar. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

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Strategic Advantage

If no one in your industry has built

a mobile app for their business, then you are at a massive advantage.You can earn the bulk of the market simply by introducing yourself on your target customers’ phones. This way you will catch your stagnating rivals off-guard and it will take a lot of time before they catch up. And while your company basking in the multiplied sales, they will be left desperately scrambling for a solution.

Why Choose Us To Make Your App

Forget About Cost vs. Quality

– The way some companies survive is

by compromising quality so they can reduce their costs. But we pride ourselves in being the few which don’t sacrifice service, but sacrifice non-essential company expenses like fancy furniture and in-office playing rooms. It’s a minimalist approach that aims to give you the highest yields for your investment.

Tried & Tested Way Of Doing Things

– There is a clear-cut, defined (but flexible) way

of seeing the app from its early planning phases to the finished, integrated product we follow. This means you can expect a proven outcome you get in the time-frame we agree upon up front.

Innovative Thinking

– Instead of copying overused,

paint-by-the-numbers models, our mobile app development team is can use lateral thinking to give birth to never-seen-before ideas. We can then implement those in the finished product and give you a unique advantage that’s hard to replicate for your rivals’.

Guaranteed On-Time Delivery

– In the competitive business jungle we all operate

in, missing deadlines is the most unprofessional sin you can commit. And that’s why we pride ourselves in keeping the trains running on time with our timely delivery. This gives you total peace of mind and the ability to plan well before the product is finished.

Definite Turnaround Times

– Pressed for time? Your fierce competition

breathing down your neck? No worries. After we talk things through you will have a definite, set-in-stone time-frame in which you get your functional app. This means you can implement right away and get ahead of your rivals much quicker.

Bring A Wish List

– Right after your free consultation

– besides essential features that tackle the most urgent needs – we will consider and implement each of your particular wishes so the software is really YOURS.

Nothing To Hide

– Our process is clearly visible to you

at all times from the very conception of the app to the finishing stages. You can ask for a review at any time and understand what’s going on even if you’ve never read a single line of code.

Clear Communication

– When the development of your

product is under way we will encourage you to suggest changes to completed work or a guideline for remaining work. You make the calls – we execute and provide helpful advice.

Functionality + Design

– Most companies focus on functionality

and treat design like an afterthought. But we know how crucial a clean, clearly visible interface is important for maximum ease of use for your employees. Your mobile app will be given equal attention both on sleek design and rock-solid functionality.

Major Platforms Covered

– Choose whether your app will be

on iOS or Android depending on which platform your employees use. This will save on funds used on new company phones/tablets.

Anywhere, Anytime Access

– On-field accident happen, emergencies

when they need to act quick aren’t rare and it’s your responsibility not to leave your employees stranded. Your mobile app will be their savior out there, allowing you to react with a quick command so your operations remain running swimmingly well.

Works Great On All Screens

– Your new mobile app is going to be

as versatile as it gets. The employees or customers will be able to access it from whatever device they have on their hands… which means they will no longer be limited by their devices.

Thorough QA Testing

– A faulty, buggy mobile app is what

will pull your customers away faster than a toupee in a hurricane. That’s why we handpicked the most skilled QA testers who will double and triple sweep the finished product for glitches and bugs that could put a serious dent in your company’s reputation after you launch.

Never Pay Twice

– If you land in a contract with a bad

team will you waste tons of money only to realize you’ve ended up with terrible, malfunctioning app. Not only that, you’ll have to re-hire and splash company funds for a new team to fix it. So instead of filling the potholes the other team left in the code, you can pick our reputable software team with proven execution record and do the job right the first time.

Increased ‘Speed To Market’

– Here at MRU we strive

for maximum productivity and optimal workflow to complete the solution even sooner than the set deadline. Why? Because you get to capitalize on beating everyone else to market and catching the wave way before others do.

24/7 There For You

– Imagine being left with a corrupt, useless

app on your hands after the developer team bid you adieu with your check. Unfortunately this has happened a lot with other unethical developers, but we will make sure to be there for you rain, hail or shine to fix any inevitable issues that may crop up.

A Sale Saved Is A Sale Made

– Repeat business is always easier than

pushing for new customers. By retaining your current customers you position yourself as an irreplaceable service in their lives. Then by word-of-mouth your customers become trusted advocates who vouch for you and bring you fresh business at no additional cost.

Over-Deliver On Your Customers’ Expectations

– Your business solves needs and pain-points your

customers experience. And sometimes they don’t even know about those needs. Your job as a market contender is to dig them out and give them a solution. At our free conversation we will help you discover those valuable insights + a plan to find the best possible solutions.

Know Where Your Money Goes

– The inevitable post-development maintenance

that keeps your software comes with extra charges. But with us you will know how much it will run you by the end of our free consultation. By then you will know how much the final product costs in total, which allows you to clearly see the returns you can expect for your initial investment.

Full Ownership Backed By NDA

– The mobile solution you pay

for will be yours and yours only. Seeing some other business stealing your idea can be a nightmare, and that’s why we guarantee the full ownership of the source code and give you peace of mind with a optional, iron-clad NDA.

What Makes Us Special (And How It Benefits You)


of developers is fully certified in the Scrum methodology. This means they are taught to work in the Agile method – a flexible approach focused on clean delivery of individual pieces of the software. Scrum makes things simple – first we bring on everyone together (including you) and then we together agree on the features. Then we set a time limit by which you will have the finished, ready-to-use software.

– MANY YEARS OF EXPERIENCE: MRU Consulting’s leading developers have more than 20 years of experience in bringing custom software to life. As a company MRU has been business for 4 years, producing specialized products for businesses in civil construction and other high-responsibility industries.

– MICROSOFT CERTIFIED: Our team includes Microsoft Certified Professionals – a globally recognized certificate whose members are well-recognized and respected for their technical abilities. They prove their expertise through the rigorous certification process that consists of industry-verified and internationally-recognized exams. And now, they put all that hard-sought expertise into creating custom-made software that helps businesses scale and reach the top of their respective industries.

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Let’s Get In Touch — Simply drop us a message and have a free, no-obligation consultation

After our free introductory consultation you will leave with a open, bird’s

eye vision of the project, a ballpark figure of how much you need to invest and powerful insights about your needs and what returns you can expect.

Don’t worry, you won’t be locked in a contract if you decide not to. The first insightful consultation is no-strings-attached and you won’t have to shell out a single penny for it.

Who are you going to talk with? Not excessively logical programmers you cannot understand — that’s for sure. You will discuss your needs with business-minded people who see your side of the coin, making sure you are completely understood.

That’s what you can expect when you get in touch with us. You also should probably know we talk with a lot of local and overseas clients daily, so make sure to book promptly so we make the time for you whenever there’s an empty slot in our schedule.

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Here’s What Our Clients Had to Say About Us:

“The MRU Consulting team did an exceptional job on the recent project. They are achievement oriented, always punctual, strong and broad-minded professional – that’s Michael! It’s amazing to work with such a person.”

– J. Pratt

“Michael is not only a broad-minded and intelligent leader but also an inspiring expert. Working with Michael I found him as a person with great recognition and deep skills of IT solutions. Goal oriented programmer who can take on even the most challenging projects – that’s him! Customer focused, efficient and open minded. He is able to play any role you need in any IT project. He’s ready to deal with difficult situations and solve the problems on time.” – Glen McGrath

“Michael is a very experienced SQL programmer and Crystal Report writer. He worked with us to create the custom reports for Viewpoint, because he understands what is required and produces results quickly. He can always find the solution.” – Walters

“I have worked with Michael several times on critcal projects requiring development work. I would recommend him to any prospective client.” – Karl. Tikoft

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