How to outsource software developmentIt’s not always practical to hire permanent software staff. The impact on your payroll and operating costs can be profound, particularly if you don’t have constant work to send their way. Even hiring local developers for temporary contracts can be problematic, particularly if the talent pool in your area isn’t exactly overflowing. There’s a far more cost-effective way to get things done, so keep reading for our tips on how to outsource software development.

Professionally Sourced Outsourcing Team

One way to outsource software development is by posting a job in an online marketplace and waiting for applications to roll in. You won’t have any shortage off applicants, but it can be a time-consuming process to sort through them all. It can also be extremely difficult to check the credentials of those applying for your job, particular when they’re overseas.

Another option is to find an outsourced software development team who have already been tried and tested. For example, at MRU Consulting we offer a service that puts you in touch with overseas software development staff. We’ve got an established relationship with those staff and have worked with them on several projects. Looking for a service like this can eliminate a lot of risk, and give you back a lot of your time.

Research, Research, Research

We can’t stress enough the importance of researching any software development team you’re considering outsourcing to. If you’re in discussions with potential developers and they’re being vague about their previous projects and experience, you should stop discussions right there. Developers who can’t proudly show you examples of their previous great work should be treated with considerable scepticism.

Remember, you’re hiring these developers for work that is vital to your business. Don’t just leave it to chance. Make sure you’re going over their credentials with a fine-tooth comb to be sure they can do what they claim.

Interview Thoroughly

When you outsource software development, the interview process shouldn’t just be a tick and flick exercise. Put some time into this. It helps to have a list of questions or discussion points prepared in advance, so that you can be asking the same of all applicants.

Another important part of the interview process is video. It’s not because you’re particularly concerned with how they look, but more a test of their authenticity. There’s unfortunately an inherent risk that outsourced staff aren’t who they claim to be. (A dead give-away is a stock photo, or something from a modelling shoot on their profile).

Video conferencing should form part of your project strategy moving forward, so if they’re not willing to have a quick Skype interview, this relationship isn’t going to work.

Understand Foreign Work Practices

Outsourcing is a great way to save money and get jobs done fast. But be aware work practices aren’t created equal in every country. The western world has a pretty standard expectation of people being available at least from 9-5, Monday to Friday. When outsourcing though, those expectations need to be adjusted.

Cultural and religious practices can influence availability, as can national holidays. There will also be a time difference to wrap your head around. Plus, outsourced staff may simply be doing this type of work because they like the freedom of not working 9-5. It doesn’t mean they’re less skilled or qualified to get your job done, but you just need to know what to expect before starting a project.

Set Clear Expectations

And that flows on to the final tip on how to outsource software development. Like any business relationships, setting expectations is the key. While software development projects need to be a partnership of sorts, remember that you’re the one writing the cheques. You’re within your rights to set clear expectations and timelines to ensure your project runs smoothly. As long as these are communicated early, there should be no issues moving forward.

Software development is an extremely important process, and not one you want to take a chance on. The best way to ensure you’re getting proven, quality outsourced staff at a fraction of the price is to speak to us at MRU Consulting. We’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to. Let us set you up with qualified, reliable outsourcing software development today. Contact us for a risk-free quote now.

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