Multi-Currency Software Solution

The highlights of this project were really in the end result. We were able to create a tool that investors still use today, and there is nothing else of its kind available. There was a real sense of innovation in this project, which is always inspiring.

Case Study

Cadstation Solutions approached us to assist with one of the software products they sold – Prologue. While the company is Australian based, the software itself was US based, meaning it only worked in US currency.

The developers who built the software mainly had clients in the US, and multi-currency functionality wasn’t on their radar to build into the program.

Since Cadstation Solutions had clients who worked in various parts of the world such as Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines and the US, multi-currency functionality was important. With the original development team unwilling to help, Cadstation Solutions came to us.

Addressing Challenges

Challenges came in the form of the original development being unwilling to assist with adding a multi-currency function to Prologue. Their reasoning was that most of their clients are US based, only dealing in US dollars and it didn’t represent a good investment of their time to include multi-currency.

As such, we needed to thoroughly investigate the program ourselves, and fortunately found ways for the end user to add custom fields which ultimately led to our multi-currency software solution.


The project was carried out over five-stages:

1. Learning about the program, Prologue, to determine the limitations around multi-currency functions.

2. Contacting the original development team in the US who were ultimately unable to help.

3. Investigating the Prologue software and its databases to determine the best course of action.

4. Using a range of methods such as adding custom fields and scripts to the program, we were able to build multi-currency functionality into the program.

5. Testing the product against the newly added custom currencies, ensuring full functionality.


This project was completed on time, and on budget, much to the delight of our client. The end result allowed them to satisfy a number of their large construction clients who managed projects in various countries. Those clients needed to keep currencies separate, and the additions we made to the Prologue tool made it a valuable asset for them. Furthermore, Cadstation Solutions werethen able to market a product they were confident in, knowing it would provide a solution for many other companies facing the same issue.