Whay is mobile app development importantHow are you reading this article right now? There’s a strong possibility you’re reading it on a smartphone or device. If you’re reading on a desktop computer, do us a favour. Take a walk outside and look at all the people you can see. We’re willing to bet that the majority of them have their noses buried in a smartphone or tablet.

How’s this for a number? There are an estimated 8.97 BILLION mobile connections in the world. And by the time you read this, it will likely be significantly more. Does that answer the question of why mobile app development is important for your business?

Mobile Apps Build Brand Recognition

Brand recognition is a huge part of your business. Not only does it make you memorable among your customers, but it also establishes you as a reliable, trusted company. Mobile apps help to build this recognition in a number of ways.

Mobile apps essentially out your logo in your customer’s eyes countless times a day. Even if they don’t open your app, that little tile on their screen reminds them you exist. This is why it’s so important to have a great, functional app. It’s a reflection of your brand.

Connect with Customers

Customers love interacting with businesses, and mobile apps give them that chance. Research indicates that 88% of Australians own a smartphone. That’s a huge chunk of the population who are exposed to apps on a daily basis, meaning you can reach more people with a mobile app.

Deloitte reports that 77% of mobile users aged 18-34 are likely to use their mobile phone when purchasing products. Give them an easy way to do that through your app, and you’re on the way to rapid sales growth.

Slash Your Marketing Costs with a Mobile Application

A mobile app serves as a marketing tool like almost nothing else. This is why we talk about mobile apps as an investment, not a ‘cost’. If you’re using an app properly for your business, the sales you can generate should exceed your initial outlay over time.

Apps allow you to advertise sales, provide special discounts to customers, and generally advertise any aspect of your business. The best part? The people who have downloaded your app are already interested in your business, meaning every marketing effort through your app is instantly far more successful than other methods.

Faster (and More) Sales

Mobile apps offer users the ability to store their payment details, shipping address, product preferences and even previous orders. With almost instantaneous page loads, mobile apps make it quick and easy for people to purchase with you. From a sales point of view, that’s like gold, because it gives you even more opportunities to create repeat business.

If done right, your app can even harness sales data to recommend products to users based on prior purchases. Research indicates that special deals and discounts are the top motivating factors for installing a shopping app. So, get that app built, and start increasing sales today!

Learn More About Your Market

Until recently, app owners haven’t been able to learn too much about their customers through an app. Now, however, usage data not dissimilar to website traffic reports are becoming more and more available with apps.

Now, you can track things like location of users, most popular products, success of sales and promotions and a host of other handy metrics. Because you can constantly evolve your app, this gives you valuable insight into how you can improve and increase your success in the future.

If you want mobile app solutions to skyrocket your business to the next level, you’re in safe hands with MRU Consulting. Our team of reliable, skilled experts take the time to understand your business and deliver a product that really achieves your goals. Contact us today for a risk-free quote and see how we can help with your mobile app development needs.

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