What makes a good custom software development companyIf your business needs custom software solutions, you’ll probably find yourself in foreign waters when trying to find the best developers for you. If you’re not particularly tech-savvy, it can be hard to wade through the muck and find the right people for the job. So, what makes a good custom software development company? The truth is, there’s a variety of factors to consider, and it isn’t always about finding the best in the world – it’s about finding the best fit for your project.

Willing to Understand Your Business

One thing to separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to software developers is their willingness to understand your business.  A lot of very skilled software developers can work magic when it comes to coding new systems, but they lack an understanding of their real-world application.

A software development company who can really understand the ins and outs of your business are more likely to provide you with a product you can use now and into the future.

Skilled Experts, not Jacks of All Trades

It’s not realistic for software developers to know how to work expertly in every coding language. Most will specialise in a couple of key areas. If you have developers claiming to be experts in all languages and frameworks, chances are they’re being less than truthful.

This is where an experienced software development team can be trusted to produce effective products above individual developers. Each team member is likely to be highly skilled in certain aspects of the development, meaning each step is done to the highest standard.

A Team Who Can Tell You “No”

If a developer agrees with every suggestion you make and every request you have when negotiating a project, that’s a red flag. Unless you’re a skilled IT expert yourself, chances are there’s going to be parts of the process you simply don’t understand. That’s why you’re hiring professionals.

Real professionals in software development will be able to make their own suggestions or tell you honestly if things can or can’t be achieved. They’re the experts, and they know how to build systems that suit your needs.

Beware of Cheap Solutions

Like anything in life, there’s budget solutions and there’s quality solutions. Rarely do the two come together as one. You don’t buy a $500 car and expect it to be as reliable as its $30,000 counterpart. The same applies to software development.

A good custom software development company won’t need to heavily discount their services to get your work. We’re talking about experts in a field here, and for software development companies to attract and keep the best developers they need to pay them well. If you want those skilled operators at your disposal, you’ll need to pay for it.

On the other side, if you’re paying cheap rates you’re likely to be getting cheap developers who lack the skills of their higher-priced competitors.

Communication Skills are Key

You don’t need every coding expert in a software development team to be great communicators, but you do need a contact within the team who is. Most reputable software development teams will have client-focused team members who can keep you updated with progress and manage any concerns you have.

If you’re not getting quick, reliable communication in the early stages of your search for a software development team, you should seriously question their ability to manage you as a valued client.

A Proven History and Stable Future

A good software development company should always be able to show you proof of their previous projects. Firstly, this has the obvious benefit of being able to prove they do good work. But secondly, it also gives you some confidence that other customers have walked away happy.

The other consideration is the future. As your business grows, you may need improvements or updates to your custom software. It goes without saying, this becomes difficult if your original developers have gone bust. A proven record can give you confidence in a long, successful software partnership.

We’ve provided custom software development solutions to businesses from all walks of life. MRU Consulting can put together the best team of professionals for your specific project, without the hassle of poring over hundreds of web developer’s websites. We know what makes a good custom software development company, because we are one! To discuss your needs, contact us for a risk-free quote today.

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