ROI-Focused Software Solutions & Strategic Consulting For Your Enterprise

Imagine squeezing out the maximum juice out of your company operations so every single drop of time and resources is tirelessly working on increasing revenue. Like a well oiled machine, your company scales smoothly and all your processes are strumming along to the tune of your command.

Imagine how satisfied your employees are by that state of optimal productivity. As a result they will be happy to contribute and stay with your winning company.

Now imagine all the wonders that ideal revenue-making environment will do for your yearly bottom line. Only top-notch software solution that marshals all your resources and makes the best out of your workflow can do that.

MRU can help you reach that productive atmosphere.

Instead of being just another software company for-hire that simply does the job and gets paid, MRU is more than that. Besides getting all your software needs expertly handled, MRU is also your personal advisor in the complicated software world you are stepping into.

Coaching you through tough, high-responsibility decisions with experience-backed advice, you can rarely commit a blunder under MRU’s seasoned team of business-savvy developers.

Besides, unlike some companies, MRU takes the minimalistic approach of doing business. All the extras are purged from the work environment — with the sole aim to give you colossal returns on your investments and the best value you can find.

It’s a total focus on building long-term relationships with ambitious companies like yours, instead of doing one-time deals and treating you as just another revenue opportunity.

MRU Consulting only started 5 years ago but has rapidly scaled up since then.

The reason we started the company was due to frustration with companies putting short term profits over clients’ needs. We took it upon ourselves to fix that. And that’s how MRU Consulting was born.

Our clients at the early stage already included major Australian companies as well as a Fortune 10 company. Now with our partner network of specialised coders, project managers, Quality Assurance Testers, UX/UI Experts more we have some of the best talent in 8 countries with a team of over 450 people.

What we consider our distinguishing quality is our ability to scale up quickly based on project requirements.

But that’s enough about us. Let’s focus
on you.

What kind of software problem can we solve for you – today? Take a look at the main services we offer to find the one that can help make this year your company’s best fiscal year ever.


  • Custom Software Development
  • Web App Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Outsourced Software Development

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