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MRU is your personal advisor in the complex world of custom software development. With our network of specialist Developers, Project Managers,QA Testers and UX Designers, we build custom software solutions and consult for Australian companies from small business to major enterprise. Discover how our solutions can increase revenue and enable your business to scale smoothly in the sections below.

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Custom Software Development

Our bespoke software is made to deliver the highest ROI possible. Unlike off-the-shelf solutions, you’ll receive a long-term solution that’s faster and easier to implement than you might think. Custom software from MRU provides you with a system that’s owned entirely by you, unlike cloud software, which can change in functionality to suit the developer more than you. Our systems are also highly flexible to changing needs after implementation, and come with a dedicated post-development process and guarantees. Catch up with us in Brisbane, Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast to find out how.

Outsourced Custom Development

Competition for Australian software developers is intense, but that doesn’t mean you need to pay top dollar. In our 5+ years of operation we’ve built up a sizable network of overseas developers who can deliver the same skills for a fraction of the cost. Our foreign specialists have plenty of experience on time-critical software projects for many industries, including Transport, Health, Finance and Retail. Learn how you can unlock their potential with MRU Consulting.

Mobile Application Development

Reach your customers on the device they turn to first, or boost your employee productivity by enabling remote work with your own mobile app. Our team has years of experience developing mobile apps for iOS and Android that are both functional and pleasing to use. We provide guaranteed on-time delivery, clear communication throughout the build process and a solid after-development process.

Web Application Development

Web-based applications can deliver a huge amount of functionality for your customers and clients, without the extra hurdle of requiring an initial download. At MRU, we have an extensive network of Developers, UX Designers, QA Testers and Content Specialists, who we can bring together to deliver your web app on time and on budget. We pride ourselves on delivering massive value up-front because we believe in the importance of securing long-term partnerships with our clients.

NDA Backed

NDA Backed

Scared that the very idea you invested heavily in might come into the wrong hands? Worried about disreputable developers sharing your paid solution with other companies in your own industry for profit?

We know we can promise you all day that your ideas are safe. But we believe words mean

little when you’re faced with the responsible decision of picking the perfect development company to handle your software needs. And that’s why we decided our actions to do the talking and offer you some extra assurance.

You can sign a 100% ownership NDA that will guarantee you by law your idea will be yours and yours only.

(If you don’t feel all that legal stuff is necessary that’s fine too. The NDA is totally optional)

“The MRU Consulting team did an exceptional job on the recent custom software development project. They are achievement oriented, always punctual, strong and broad-minded professional – that’s Michael! It’s amazing to work with such a person.”

– J. Pratt

“Michael is not only a broad-minded and intelligent leader but also an inspiring expert. Working with Michael I found him as a person with great recognition and deep skills of IT solutions. Goal oriented programmer who can take on even the most challenging projects – that’s him! Customer focused, efficient and open minded. He is able to play any role you need in any IT project. He’s ready to deal with difficult situations and solve the problems on time.”

– Glen McGrath

“Michael is a very experienced SQL programmer and Crystal Report writer. He worked with us to create the custom reports for Viewpoint, because he understands what is required and produces results quickly. He can always find the solution.”

– Keith Walters

“I have worked with Michael several times on critcal projects requiring development work. I would recommend him to any prospective client.”

– Karl. Tikoft